CAT-VNetTVInvitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま:仙台空港アクセス鉄道Sendai Airport Transit仙台CATVがおおくりする無料で楽しむインターネットテレビ

Invitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま


仙台空港アクセス鉄道Sendai Airport Transit

From Sendai Airport

Sendai Airport, Tohoku's entrance to the sky.
Now, Sendai Airport serves scheduled international flights connecting Sendai city to many cities around the world. The most frequent choice to go from Sendai Airport to Sendai city is the "Sendai Airport Transit." In March 2007, this new railroad was opened between Sendai Airport Station and JR East Sendai Station in order to give passengers a more efficient way of traveling from station to station. Now let's show you all about Sendai Airport Transit.


Sendai Airport Transit Co.,Ltd.



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