CAT-VNetTVInvitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま:仙台空港アクセス鉄道Sendai Airport Transit仙台CATVがおおくりする無料で楽しむインターネットテレビ

Invitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま

仙台空港アクセス鉄道Sendai Airport Transit

Rental Car (rent-a-car)

If you would like to go to a hot spring for relaxation, it is convenient to rent a car.
Let's introduce the route to a place where you can rent a car from the platform of Sendai Airport Access Line.
Naruko hot springs is one of the recommended places. Naruko hot springs is acknowledged as beneficial as well as being a high quality resort. Also, Naruko is famous for Kokeshi dolls. You will thoroughly enjoy your time at Naruko.


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  • From Sendai Airport
  • Senseki Line
  • Shinkansen (Tohoku Super Express)
  • Bus (Loople Sendai)
  • Rental Car (rent-a-car)
  • Taxi
  • Subway