CAT-VNetTVInvitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま:仙台空港アクセス鉄道Sendai Airport Transit仙台CATVがおおくりする無料で楽しむインターネットテレビ

Invitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま

仙台空港アクセス鉄道Sendai Airport Transit

Bus (Loople Sendai)

If you would like to go to the Sendai Museum for seeing the monument of Rojin, it is convenient to use a bus.
Let's introduce the route to the Sendai Museum from platform of Sendai Airport Access Line.
First, go up the escalator to reach the access concourse.
Rojin was the great philosopher called the father of Modern Chinese. He is respected and adored by people around the world. His monument is located in the Sendai Museum. There are many other collections at the museum. You may enjoy the collections as long as time allows you.


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  • From Sendai Airport
  • Senseki Line
  • Shinkansen (Tohoku Super Express)
  • Bus (Loople Sendai)
  • Sendai City > Rental Car (rent-a-car)
  • Taxi
  • Subway