CAT-VNetTVInvitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま:仙台空港アクセス鉄道Sendai Airport Transit仙台CATVがおおくりする無料で楽しむインターネットテレビ

Invitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま

仙台空港アクセス鉄道Sendai Airport Transit


In downtown of Sendai, you can of course walk, take a taxi or bus. But how about taking the subway? Let's show you how to get to the subway from the Sendai Airport Access Line station.
If you would like to go to the central area of Sendai city, you may want to go to Kotodai-Koen Station which is 2 stops from Subway Sendai Station.
Purchase a 200-yen ticket from a ticketing machine. Then, go to the ticket gate and head for platform of the subway. Go through the ticket gate and go down the stairs. It takes approximately 3 minutes from Sendai Station to Kotodai-Koen.
Kotodai-Koen is located in the central area of Sendai city. Sendai citizens visit this place for relaxation.
Sendai city is the largest central city of Tohoku. It is called "a city of the forest."
Sight seeing, gourmet food, fashion, and more; Sendai offers many things for your enjoyment.


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  • From Sendai Airport
  • Senseki Line
  • Shinkansen (Tohoku Super Express)
  • Bus (Loople Sendai)
  • Rental Car (rent-a-car)
  • Taxi
  • Subway