CAT-VNetTV Invitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま【グランディ・21宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21】仙台CATVがおおくりする無料で楽しむインターネットテレビ

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Invitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま

グランディ・21宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21






40-1 Sugaya aza date Rifu-cyo Miyagi-gun Miyagi-ken 981-0122 JAPAN





グランディ21 Miyagi Stadium Main Arena Swimming pool complex Tennis courts Futsal Courts Refresh Plaza (Lodging building) Hothouse Super Arena ˜Fitness Room˜



This is the Miyagi athletic complex, known as “Grande・21”.
How can these facilities be used efficiently?
What can event organizers expect from Grande・21?
What about the athletes?
And what can public visitors do at Grande・21?
For everyone’s satisfaction,We would like to give you an overview of Grande・21.
Grande・21 has been known and used by many people in a variety of ways.
Various events including international athletic competitions and music concerts from overseas have been held at Grande・21.
Event organizers often plan many different kinds of events, not only for Miyagi prefecture, but for the whole Tohoku region.
New concepts can make these events even more successful and satisfying.
Grande・21 can help you create better events so please consider Grande for an effective use.


Miyagi Stadium

This stadium is used for athletic competitions for residents of Miyagi prefecture. In addition to sporting events, this facility can be used for many other types of events as well. Since the capacity of this stadium is 50,000, you might want to consider it for such events as outdoor concerts or international conventions.


Main Arena

This space has been used for many music concerts, including performers from Japan as well as those from overseas. This arena is great for big events such as concerts, but it is also a useful space for indoor sports competitions. We recommend using the Main Arena for a variety of school or company events including: athletic events, symposiums or conferences.


Swimming pool complex

This swimming pool is officially recognized by both the International and Japan Swimming Federations. In addition to the main swimming pool, the complex also contains a subsidiary pool and a diving pool. Planning an event at this swimming pool complex might be an interesting opportunity that could make your business a great success.


Tennis courts

This space is available for tennis events or tennis lessons. These facilities provide a good opportunity for tennis to be revitalized in the Tohoku region. Perhaps, one day, an Olympic tennis player will be trained on these very courts.


Futsal Courts

Futsal is a sport that everyone can enjoy regardless of age, so it is becoming more and more popular. In the near future more companies might support Futsal competitions by sponsoring the events.


Refresh Plaza (Lodging building)

This complex is also equipped with a lodging building. This building has been used for school events and cooperate training programs. We can also suggest using this building for overnight stays, which could be sold as a package in conjunction with events or concerts.


Hothouse Super Arena “Fitness Room”

You will find there are many amenities in this space, including a variety of fitness machines and a fitness studio. More and more people are now health-conscious and are trying to avoid suffering from metabolic syndrome. Now is a good time for companies to think about utilizing these facilities for the employee’s welfare program. Corporate contracts are available for such services.



Parking Lots

There are nine parking lots in this complex. These provided ample parking spaces for the complex. Or, if you get creative, you may want to utilize the parking lots with some of the other facilities, adding a new dimension to your event.


How to Access

Some big events organizers provide special shuttle busses to Grande・21. This is one way to ensure that your event will be a success. Taking the highway is the most convenient, since there is an exit right next to Grande・21.



Please utilize this athletic complex to help ensure the success of your next event. For more information, please visit our webpage at


グランディ・21 宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21








  • グランディ・21宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21
  • グランディ・21宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21
  • グランディ・21宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21
  • グランディ・21宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21
  • グランディ・21宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21
  • グランディ・21宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21
  • グランディ・21宮城県総合運動公園 GRANDE21