CAT-VNetTV Invitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま【なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town】仙台CATVがおおくりする無料で楽しむインターネットテレビ

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Invitation to Miyagi,Tohoku 東北・宮城のいま

なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town

"Natori Rinku Town" A safe and comfortable place to live

Natori Rinku Town has been developed as a neighboring town to Sendai Airport, the Tohoku Region’s main airport.?
It has been created as the center of exchange for people and information in not only Miyagi, but also in Tohoku area.
Natori Rinku Town, along with Sendai Airport line, was created in the Morisekinoshita and Mitazono areas.
AEON Mall Natori Airy, a large shopping center, is directly connected to Morisekinoshita station on the Sendai Airport Line.

The mall is one of the largest one in Tohoku and has many specialty shops and a supermarket where you can buy almost everything you need for daily life, as well as a cinema complex with 10 screens. The charming and convenient facilities help make your life easier.

The town also has a lot of greenery and parks which produces pleasant living, with the feeling of being surrounded by nature.


Total Security System

The total security system maintains a safe, peaceful and comfortable town for the people who live here and those who visit.
The town's total security system is supported by a kind of private police stand, called “Town Station”, and was introduced for the first time in the Tohoku area by Dowa Security Company.

*Town Station
This TOWN station sends security guards and security vehicles out for patrol regularly, and to respond to any emergency situations.
It also keeps a relationship with the citizens, dealing with everything from security consultation to giving directions and visiting the elderly.

*Outdoor Security Unit
Natori Rinku Town has also installed outdoor security units. These units have security cameras and emergency call units installed throughout the area.
In case of emergency, pushing the emergency button will start the lamp and buzzer to announce the situation to the surrounding area, and the security camera will begin to monitor and record the scene.
Security guards will also respond immediately.?
This system has been installed in Rinku town’s parks and public places to protect the residence of Rinku Town.

*Emergency Call System
The main service of Natori Rinku Town's security is to quickly deal with fires or other emergency situations.
In the event of the fire sensor is activated due to abnormal conditions, an indoor alarm will sound, and the situation will be automatically reported to the Security control center.
In the event of emergencies such as medical problems or intruders, pushing the button on a wireless controller will enable you to communicate with people at the control center and if necessary security personnel can confirm your safety.


Digital Home Network

In Natori Rinku Town, “Cat-V” cable TV and high speed Internet are available and low-cost phone lines are available individually, or the “Cable One Life” service can provide bundled packages for your convenience.


" THE EARTH " The Housing Exhibition

If you want more information, visit “ THE EARTH”, the housing exhibition of Natori Rinku Town.
The 24 show houses can help you to find your ideal home.


For The Future

Safe and comfortable Natori Rinku town values interpersonal relationships, while making crime prevention a top priority.
We will continue to grow, while looking towards the future.



  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town
  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town
  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town
  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town
  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town
  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town
  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town
  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town
  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town
  • なとり りんくうタウンNatori Rinku Town